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Lingual Frenulectomy results

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2022.01.28 17:19 Snowcitty Can i ask a wonder question

Is dysphoria a need for transgender community as in can transgender person have a low dysphoria or hardly any dysphoria. This just wondering because i feel low dysphoria so i wondering if that bad because I do identify as trans and i am just wondering. Please your adivce welcome.
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2022.01.28 17:19 blahblah_pop Coke Jaw - Is noticeably intense

I usually get coke jaw towards the end of a session or sometimes in the middle if I have been going hard but I have pretty much had coke jaw from the first line.
Does this reflect the quality of the coke?
With this being said I do have bruxism anyways and noticed this one the way to get the coke.
Actually I am taking modafinil does this cause teeth grinding too? Maybe my pills are fakes and amphetamines. With that being said they are have been sent of to a lab. But I took a half 200mg at 6am and when to pick up around 6pm.
I am high and tipsy as I write this. I figure it is probably just me naturally grinding with the coke making it worse. Happy skiing folks. I am off for a fag!
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2022.01.28 17:19 Which_Bug2163 Does anyone know where I could find a good explanation of the whole story of the game?

The lore seems very interesting but I skip dialogues a lot because I'm too lazy to read and the story is very complicated, but it seems very cool, and also I'd like to understand Honkai Star Rail when it comes out, and the info I saw from googling it didn't help much...
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2022.01.28 17:19 stashix Surprised at 3060 laptop benchmark scores.

Can somebody with a desktop 3060 post their Timespy scores? I'm surprised at how high this laptop bad boy scores (9203 graphics score in normal Timespy, 24.67 FPS in Port Royal hybrid) and want to compare since I always thought laptop versions are at least 10% behind their desktop counterparts.
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As above
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2022.01.28 17:19 gwygar Looking for New True Crime Pods

Hello all. Looking for witty, informative female hosted true crime pods. I know it’s not a popular opinion but MFM is my favorite. And I love RedHanded. I went to listen to podcasters out of the US, preferably. Any suggestions? I’m super into crime junkie for the facts (not the ladies, sorry) and I’ve listened to Big Mad True Crime.
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Soar with the Phoenix Alliance! DM for more info!
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2022.01.28 17:19 The_king_of_stocks What are the plays for next week? Currently I don’t see any great plays.

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2022.01.28 17:19 Sylver713 Hunger Games : A new Generation (107th Hunger Games part 1)

Hello everyone, here's the first part, hope you like it !
The 107th Hunger Games took place in the year 143, during an unprecedented heatwave. All the youths in district 12, which was usually quite fresh during the summer, were sweating and burning under the sun. Their clothes were stained with soot and ash. Mayor Donner heaved in his too warm suit.
After a short tour of their newest steel mill, Theseus Fierro, winner of the 106th Hunger Games, strutted onto the reaping stage followed by the mayor. He greeted the assembled youths, talked a little about all the delights he had experienced in the Capitol and wished them good luck before marching towards the female reaping bowl. He picked up a slip of paper, reading the name of 15 years old Beam Cantini.
In the middle of the crowd, a plain looking girl gasped. She had black hair, brown eyes, and a dusting of freckles. A woman in the audience screamed, presumably Beam’s mother, but she was quickly neutralized by the peacekeepers. The girl walked hesitantly towards the stage, as if calculating a way out of the reaping square. She reluctantly shook hands with Theseus and Mayor Donner.
The male tribute for district 12 was revealed to be Peter Davis, 14 years old. After the initial shock, there was a look of recognition in the dark-haired boy’s eyes. He made his way to the stage, encouraged by his friends, and embraced the female tribute. Urania Whimsiwick explained that according to her sources, Peter and Beam were neighbors in the Seam, the poorest area of district 12.
Mayor Donner did not waste any time, seeing as he was about to have a heatstroke. He wished the tributes good luck and dismissed the other inhabitants of district 12 in order to retreat inside his climatized villa. Inside the city hall, the tributes were taken to separate rooms, where they could say goodbye to their families. Beam became infuriated when she saw her mother with a black eye and bloody nose. She almost attacked the peacekeepers, but her parents persuaded her to not make things worse. She quieted down and they spoke of the action plan they had thought of in case one of the Cantini children was reaped. Gregor and Antoni, her younger brothers, were now old enough to work in one of the factories, so they could help the family survive. She kept saying that everything would go fine.
Peter was visited by his aunt and uncle, since his parents had died before the district returned under Panem’s control. He held his aunt in his wiry arms while she cried. His uncle gave him advice on what to do, but unfortunately, he did not seem to know much. After more embraces and hopeful promises, he was taken to the train along with Beam.
Sitting patiently on a sofa was their mentor, Talon Highbottom. He was an engineer whose work had been crucial in reinstating the Games a few years earlier. His aquiline nose and piercing grey stare under thick eyebrows intimidated Beam and Peter. He invited them to sit, introducing himself. The pair hesitated, Talon reiterating his invitation in a more assertive tone.
When everyone was settled and food was brought out, he said: “I don’t think you are going to win”. He only seemed slightly disappointed. Beam protested, saying that she would do everything in her power to win the games. Peter agreed, then they looked at each other and it dawned on them. “You are too close. You won’t be able to kill the other and in that moment of weakness, that’s when you’ll get hit.” The trio stayed silent for the remaining of the long ride.
Eventually, Talon gave the tributes many strategic advice, to which they did not seem to react. Lost in thought, they remained immobile, shoulder to shoulder. “We’re here.”
“We’re at the station, get up, said the mentor.”
Peter and Beam sat up, still dazed. They had not taken the time to freshen up, having stared out the window the entire time. Peter looked like a deer in headlights, blinded by the flashes of cameras and the colorful attire of the crowd. Talon nudged the pair towards them gently. They took pictures, tried to smile, but it was obvious they were overwhelmed. They climbed into their car.
Back at the accommodation center, Othello Crichton waited for them. He greeted them with pastries and a warm smile. Talon observed as he discussed with the tributes, asking for their input in the creation of their parade outfits. Othello joked about having the most time, since they were the first tributes to arrive in the Capitol. This put Beam and Peter at ease, and they even sampled the multicolored pastries. Over the remainder of the day, they proceeded to help their stylist draft a very simple outfit, which looked plain at first glance, but would light up slowly to imitate heated metal.
The next day was spent alternating between watching previous games and learning survival tactics with their mentor, who explained to them that any object can be a weapon if used correctly. As an example, he demonstrated tactics with a butter knife, a pillow, and even a toilet brush, while still managing to look dignified. Othello politely clapped as his assistants were putting the finishing touches to the outfits. Talon subsequently turned the screen back on to watch the last two reapings. However, it was only Urania’s face on the screen, informing Panem that Theseus Fierro had been the victim of an assassination attempt. He was fortunately in good shape but had still been transferred to the Gamp clinic in order to tend to minor wounds. Ophelia Platt, an ex-girlfriend of his, was to be executed the next day for attempted murder.
The two tributes were then announced by mayor Dalton. The task of picking the tributes of district 1 also came to the mayor, Ivorius Greene. Since there were about a dozen volunteers, each would have one minute to convince the crowd, and there would be a subsequent vote. Ruby Costa, 17, charmed the crowd with her girly attitude coupled with an impromptu knife throwing display. When her name was announced, she smiled and came back onto the stage.
Her male counterpart, Sheen Silverstein, was relatively unimpressive for a career tribute. His narrow frame and ashy blond hair did not appear very menacing, but the other pupils of the training academy were aware of his talents as a fighter and strategist. He was also very skilled with his words, seeing as he won the suffrage with more than 90 percent of the votes.
On the podium, he warmly shook hands with Ruby and mayor Greene before the pair were escorted to the city hall. Ruby embraced her mother and father, who wished her good luck. Her father then handed her a small gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant, to “keep her safe”. Without more effusions, Ruby left.
Sheen sat alone for a few minutes, before a Peacekeeper came in with a piece of paper. The boy seemed to light up for a second before seeing that it was not who he expected. On the paper were written only a few words: “You did good son. Good luck”. It was not signed, but it could only belong to his father, owner of Silverstein Beauty, a staple in the Capitol. He sighed, before getting up and joining Ruby in the train.
Pilar Dundee greeted them with a tired smile. Seeing all her tributes dying each year had taken an unexpected toll on her. She invited her tributes to sit and introduce themselves, even though they knew her and each other from their time at the training academy, where Pilar was allowed to give punctual lectures about the games. On the short train ride, the mood was lighthearted. Ruby and Sheen were excited to arrive in the Capitol and they demonstrated their (butter) knife throwing skills on the mahogany table.
At the station, the pair gave a good impression. They were easy-going with the crowd, taking pictures and even signing pieces of paper. Pilar watched intently as Sheen posed with two children and Ruby demanded to retake a picture, but with her good profile this time. This made the photographer laugh and he readily accepted. Eventually, the mentor had to herd her tributes away from the crowd to take them to the accommodation center.
There, Clio Carpenter and her team of stylists were already hard at work. The tiny old woman barely acknowledged their arrival, only directing one of her youngest workers to take measurements of the tributes. It took a record time of two hours for them to complete the outfits. Sheen and Ruby were amazed at the intricate silver lace and flowing white silk. After some diligent make up, they were ready to head to the Tribute’s Avenue for the parade.
The parade:
Beam and Peter stayed close together, intimidated by the noise and the other tributes. They did not interact with any other, instead choosing to climb onto their chariot immediately. The pair from 11 was crying into each other’s arms. To the front of the procession, Ruby and Sheen had struck a polite conversation with Nikki and Icarus, from 2. It was obvious that the chemistry from the past year wasn’t there, and the discussion was very brief.
The crowd was very enthusiastic when the parade started. People cheered on Ruby and Sheen whose silver and white suit and gown were stunning. The pair confidently waved with a big smile. At the end of the runway, they both detached their silver capelets and threw them into the crowd, almost causing a riot where they landed.
At first, no one paid attention to Beam and Peter’s austere outfits. However, as the bottom part started to glow red, then orange, then white, the crowd went mad. This made the pair from 12 feel a little more confident and by the end of the parade, they were smiling and waving. Their outfits were now bright white and luminous, with a little fake smoke billowing out of the collars.
Right there and then, Corneo declared them the winners of best dressed for this year, without a second thought. Urania thoroughly agreed, stating that it was one of the most inventive outfits she had seen. The commentary cut to the speech of president Snow II, who this year warned the districts about resentment and vengeance (admittedly in relation to the incident in district 2) and wished the games to unite the people of Panem.
Othello Crichton could barely contain his joy. He embraced his tributes and was even congratulated by Talon Highbottom with a pat on the back. They all shared a plate of sweets and some sparkling wine to celebrate. A little later in the night, however, Talon ordered his tributes to go to bed, stating that the training days were very important. He told them to try and find trustworthy allies and to work on their skills.
The pair from 1 was a little disappointed, but Pilar Dundee assured them that they had made a lasting impression. Anyway, she said, no winner of “best dressed” has ever won the games… Ruby considered it for a moment and agreed. They went to bed early in order to be in top condition for training the next day. That night, it was rumored that a small party had happened on the rooftop of the accommodation building, involving mentors Pilar Dundee, Atalanta Van Buren, Cleopatra Liu, as well as a number of stylists. However, no proof would ever be found.
Peter woke up with a slight headache. He stumbled out of bed and saw that Beam was in the same state. Nevertheless, Talon exhorted them to eat and get ready. The pain dissipated with the help of some fresh water and the pair descended to the training facility. They were surprised to not be the last, as the tributes from 1, 2 and 7 were late.
When everyone finally arrived, Head Trainer Carmelo Harrington launched into an exasperated tirade about lateness and lack of discipline, often glaring towards the mentor’s gallery. He was so mad that he tasered Damask (8) when the young boy asked to go to the restroom. No one else dared to say a word (except for Organza Duval, who shouted a few obscenities as her mentee was taken to the infirmary).
Training began, and everyone scattered. Sheen was seen tinkering around in the electronics station before being invited to train with Icarus (2) at the swords station. The two boys were relatively equal, but Sheen still managed to cut off one of the other boy’s dreadlocks with his weapon. Ruby, on the other hand, desperately tried to avoid Nikki (2). She tried her luck with Pearl and Edward (4) at the trident station, without much success. She subsequently circled around the most boring stations she could find, ducking behind racks and furniture when the girl from 2 appeared in her field of view.
Beam and Peter felt completely lost at first. They didn’t really have any useful skills. At the end of the day, Peter had caused a small electric fire in the electronics station and Beam had almost drowned in the underwater obstacle course. The only training station where they were decent was the survival station. They could easily light a fire and construct shelters. That evening, Talon told them that it was an important skill to have, but that they should still learn to use one kind of weapon.
They followed this advice the next day. Beam proved quite good with a spear after a while. Her strength certainly played a big part in it, but by the end of the second day, she could hit a moving target most of the times. Peter mostly watched, uncertain of his skills. He tried sword fighting with Edward (4), but he was really bad at it. He subsequently trained in the agility station, stating that if he was bad at hitting people, he should be good at not getting hit.
Nikki finally caught up with Ruby, and almost forced her to compare their knife throwing skills. Ruby was very good but proved to be a very sore loser when the other girl won their little contest. Nikki was perplexed when she stormed off, but Sheen reassured her, explaining that Ruby had “a temperament”. She passed her nerves in the sword fighting station, scaring off the tributes from 6 who were trying to mount an alliance.
On the third day, Astra (6) encountered Beam and suggested she join their alliance. Jet (6) said the same to Peter. As he was about to accept, Beam refused, stating that she did not trust them and therefore couldn’t work with anyone other than her district partner. In the mentor gallery, Talon Highbottom facepalmed. He was the only mentor currently watching his tributes, the others being occupied with drinking and recounting their own training.
By the time the assessments came, the career pack had reformed. Ruby had another outburst when Nikki mentioned she wished to “torture at least one of them” but she was calmed down by Sheen. The boy had given up talking with Icarus, who had no other subject of conversation than his training. Ruby was the first to be assessed, and it is known that she produced a convincing display of knife throwing. Sheen followed, surprising the game makers by showing off his engineering skills to program bots and then destroying them with a sword. Most of the other displays were not reported on, as the junior game maker responsible for the leaks was apprehended just after Nikki had entered the room.
Later that evening, the scores were announced. Sheen and Nikki (2) had scored a 10, followed by Ruby and Icarus (2) with a 9. This sent Ruby into another quick rage, seeing she had once again been beaten by her district 2 counterpart. Pearl (4) was the only one to score an 8, the rest of the scores being between 7 and 3. Beam had garnered a respectable 6 and Peter a 5, but they did not even hear it as they were being chewed up by their mentor for not willing to get allies.
The Interviews:
The interviews took place that evening and, to many’s surprise, Helion Cardew was present alongside Urania Whimsiwick. The latter wore a classy brown pantsuit. Her braids had been shaped like bull’s horns and she sported a golden nose ring. She kept eyeing her co-host, who smiled but did not seem very sturdy on his legs. When he greeted Panem, his speech was slightly slurred, but few people seemed to take notice. After thorough analysis of the footage, it appeared that Helion as well as a few members of the audience were under the influence of Felicity. The drug had gained some popularity during the past year.
Nevertheless, the interviews started with Ruby, who came to the stage in a short and puffy red dress. Her blonde hair had been tied in pigtails. She waved to the crowd before sitting down. She behaved in a very sweet manner during the interview. Ruby answered the questions with poise and impressed with her optimism and knowledge of previous games. She even kept her sweet smile when Helion commented on the shortness of her dress, answering that she felt comfortable in it, which was the most important.
She subsequently spoke of her alliance with district 2, which had become a tradition again. Urania asked her what kind of arena there would be this year. Ruby thought a little, then suggested that there hadn’t been a very hot one yet. She was cheered off of the stage and left Sheen to take her place. The boy was also well received. Helion mentioned that he didn’t look like a career tribute, to which he replied quite coldly that his appearance would not matter in the arena. Urania interrupted Helion as he was about to escalate the situation by asking Sheen about his family. “Well, you surely know my father’s company, Silverstein beauty.”
“How could I not, she replied. If you win, I expect a gift card, Urania added jokingly.”
Sheen laughed and the interview continued. At the end, he was also asked the arena question and guessed it would be someplace dry, like a desert. The interviews continued, with Urania having to keep Helion in check. He managed to heavily flirt with the beautiful Pearl (4) and Bess (10), as well as make Astra (6) cry and leave the stage. At the end of the evening, Urania was exhausted and Helion was exhilarated. Beam came up and sat uncomfortably in the seat. Her simple black dress was very elegant, and Urania complimented her. She asked if this one lit up too, and Beam apologized, saying that it did not.
Beam was made very uncomfortable by Helion, so her answers were mostly incoherent. She kept looking at the timer, hoping it would end sooner. She did not make a lasting impression on the Capitol, who mostly remembered Helion mocking her awkwardness. Peter did not fare much better. He was the last, so Urania had given up on controlling Helion. He managed to overcome his shyness and talk about his friendship with Beam and his life in district 12. However, he was stumped when Helion asked him if he had a strategy for surviving the game. After that, they had to cut the interview short because Helion was laughing too much at Peter’s confused face. He left the stage with pitiful applause and was followed shortly by Helion.
Urania finished the evening alone, which appeared to relieve her. She lastly welcomed Head Gamemaker Selen Orpington. The older woman received a thunder of applause for her work on the last games. After the warm welcome, the two women sat down to talk about how Selen’s life had changed after being promoted Head Gamemaker. Selen stayed humble and talked a bit about the process of creating an arena. She closed the interview by stating that she hoped the tributes could swim.
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2022.01.28 17:19 BSCNews_1 OpenSea Email Inadvertently Instructs Users to Mempool Exploitation

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2022.01.28 17:19 Zealousideal-Ant9102 Online Games - How to find the right players

This is a part 2 of the post, I made earlier today.
The Post :
TLDR : I found players online and we are not a good match together. I proceed onranting like a crybaby, sorry about that.
One of the answer I found interesseting is to do interviews. But how can you do interview for a DnD game ?? Here's a list of questions or activities you can do 1 on 1 :
WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR EXACTLY ? (A lot of RP?, Only fights?, Eternal DM wants to be player?, new players?)
DO YOU HAVE ANY RESTRICTIONS ON TIME ? (Weekends Only, not the mondays, etc)
RP Activity 5mins - Make a RP situation of the player wanting to buy something specific and have the merchant (GM) interact with that player. Just to see his RP skills overall and his improv. Here's something I based this situation on, watch it still 3:48:30 (about 3min30sec long).
Now this is just a first draft. Any question or activities to do for interviewing a player to find your fit ?
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2022.01.28 17:19 Garbage_jpgNFT Garbage NFTs

First post on Reddit, figured I'd post my content here as well as other place. To be clear do NOT buy my NFTs they will reduce your serotonin, I simply wish to spread garbage.
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