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Stop throwing pallets after you get injured

2022.01.28 16:06 kissyomum Stop throwing pallets after you get injured

Idk who needs to here this but it seems like a lot of ppl. As you can see here https://imgur.com/gallery/12dzk8F there was no reason to throw it. When you get injured use your speed boost to make it to another loop or something. Vacuuming yourself into wastes the speed boost and the pallet.
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2022.01.28 16:06 Technical_Natural_44 least transphobic programmers

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2022.01.28 16:06 genderfluid_dinosaur Discord/Online Coven for Baby/Beginner Witches, Experienced witches, and More!

Hello Friends! I am starting a Discord Channel for experienced, baby, and intermediate witches and magic folk as a place to share and learn knowledge and skills and have fun. The plan is for it to be a "coffee shop" style setting online, and be able to meet others, form covens, share recipes and skills, and teach baby witches properly. We accept all religions, secular witches, hobbies, and practices (with the exclusion of malpractice or intentional harm to others/illegal activities. We also aim to be a safe and friendly place for closeted witches and allow people to make friends. -We are also LGBTQ+ friendly, Age and Experience friendly -we also accept non-witches who are supportive or just want to share recipes/ respectfully learn more -we are very small and currently looking for mods, if you are interested please reach out (must be 18+) -we have multiple resources and bots to help you discover or share your experiences we do not allow harassment, bigotry, or racial/sexual/homophobic/or negative comments and responses, or anti-pagan/anti-practice or conversion attempts *if you become a mod, you are able to get your own channel* Come on down to the Witch's Brew Cafe!: https://discord.gg/KbQ5TFyuxg
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2022.01.28 16:06 sunnydva ✨ ALL NATURAL ✨ VERIFIED MODEL ✨ Now available for [sext] [cam] [gfe] [fetish] [vids] [cockrate] [domme] [vanilla] [nude] [panties] [socks] [SELLING] ✨ 18 only 🤍kik 🤍telegram 🤍snap 🤍skype 🤍FULL MENU ON MY PAGE🤍

✨ ALL NATURAL ✨ VERIFIED MODEL ✨ Now available for [sext] [cam] [gfe] [fetish] [vids] [cockrate] [domme] [vanilla] [nude] [panties] [socks] [SELLING] ✨ 18 only 🤍kik 🤍telegram 🤍snap 🤍skype 🤍FULL MENU ON MY PAGE🤍 submitted by sunnydva to snapsellers [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 16:06 wigglytails Watching motivational vids in bed like

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2022.01.28 16:06 nmsrz How much times does it take for two people to become a couple?

Let's say two people meet on a dating app. After some exchanges (don't know how much), they both agree to meet in real life.
They set a date, they have good time and both decide to meet again. Let's suppose a week later.
They both keep going for about one/two months and after that they decide that they want to be a couple.
So can I say that after two months, in average, if everything fine, two people become a couple?
I am just asking out of curiosity, since I never dated or been in a relationship and was wondering how much time does it take for two people to get steady and become a couple.
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2022.01.28 16:06 xianmtz Will you meet me in Paris?

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2022.01.28 16:06 Turbulent_Upstairs13 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO WAY

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2022.01.28 16:06 bullet4236 Was my driver using someone else's account??

Long story short, I recently had a grub hub delivery. A couple days later the police showed up at my house and I was informed that the driver accused my dog of biting him during his delivery. The dog was fully in my line of view the entire time and I never saw my dog bit anyone, nor did the driver mention it to me. After looking into the individual I see he has multiple felonies, including, drug charges, several DUI's, domestic violence, theft charges, etc, etc. I was under the impression that GrubHub screened drivers and wouldn't hire them for this intense of a criminal history. This makes me very suspicious that perhaps the delivery person wasn't the actual contractor for GrubHub ie. using someone else's account or phone possibly. Is there a way I can verify my suspicions? I've always had relatively good experiences using their service but now I'm very very wary to use them ever again.
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2022.01.28 16:06 DoubleHammerSmough Game looks fine in 4K! (Also Naruto inspired char)

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2022.01.28 16:06 MikeKrombopulos Don't worry, a service request has been created

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2022.01.28 16:06 DazedFury White Album 2: Rollercoaster of Emotional Trauma

Recently got the chance to dive into WA2 thanks to the new translation and it has left a profound impact on me. I went in completely blind, finished it in a week, and wanted to talk about it.
This is by no means going to be in depth review or thorough breakdown of its characters or themes. I am not that great at writing, so this will essentially be just me putting all my thoughts and feelings on paper. Apologies for my poor spelling in advance.
Also spoilers ahead duh.
IC: It's a nice straightforward love story with plenty of twist and turns for the reader. A good foundation to setup the events to come. I enjoyed both of the main girls, though I leaned heavily towards Kazusa as Setsuna came off as the happy go lucky manipulative type so I was cheering for her downfall the whole time. Haruki is pretty interesting for the average self insert protagonist and I found myself enjoying his interactions with the other characters. The plot itself was fairly standard but I thought the execution was good. However, things start to get more interesting after the festival ends.
This is when the real love triangle starts to take shape and I as the reader get to enjoy the drama. Since I was cheering for Kazusa, it was quite fun watching the betrayal and corruption of our MC for her sake. I was earnestly wishing for Setsuna's downfall, and blamed her for coming in between the two in the first place. Even then I still sympathized with her, as at the end of the day Haruki was the piece of shit for being a coward. Once everything reached a conclusion at the airport, although I did feel a bit bad for Setsuna, I was more excited about how everything would play out in CC.
CC: So we begin with a timeskip, 3 new side girls and with our main girl Setsuna being neglected for 3 years. Though they never officially broke up, Haruki has slowly been distancing himself due to his self loathing caused by his betrayal and has changed, becoming an extremely gloomy guy. The 3 new girls are all fairly interesting to me so I was interested on how exactly things would proceed. First however is our common route.
Io and Takeya have been putting forth great effort to smooth things out between Haruki and Setsuna. Eventually a date his setup after the two have grown a bit closer again. At this point I'm very confused on whether or not I'm on the correct route or not as things seem to be going smoothly between the two. Until eventually they reach a climax where Haruki is prepared to force himself to move on and love Setsuna. Which is when Setsuna decicively rejects him due to his existing longing for Kazusa. At this point my feelings are still in favor of Kazusa although my favorability of Setsuna has grown a ton.
After being boldly rejected, Haruki is left emotionally unstable... and this is where it clicked for me. All the routes are rebounds! Every single side route is going to be dealing with Haruki betraying Setsuna once again which was where my hype levels soared. Thus I began my journey into the madness that is White Album 2.
Chiaki's route: This is the route that solidified this VN as a 10/10 for me. I found the direction of the route extremely engaging. Chiaki manipulating Haruki in order to divulge info on his betrayal 3 years ago, while at the same time falling in love is just too spicy to not like. Haruki betraying Setsuna a second time, and then immediately being betrayed by Chiaki, thats just good shit. This is also the route where my attitude towards Setsuna changed a lot, as I felt moved by her devotion to the MC even after everything that he did. Io's breakdown also gouged at my heart, as her voice actor does a really good job at delivering the pain of Haruki's betrayal. (Seriously, more of that please)
My hostility towards Chiaki was mixed and I actually found myself for and against her the entire time which probably helped my favorability towards Setsuna. Overall, it wraps up very nicely and I found myself very satisfied by the ending.
Koharu: This time the kouhai grabs the rebound and I kind of had an idea on what the central obstacle for the route was going to be. However I was not prepared for the amount of corruption and change Koharu would go through this route. After she betrays her group of friends and becomes an outcast in school due to her relationship, I found myself deeply sympathazing with her troubles and cheering her on. Setsuna once again shows how kind and devoted she is to the MC, and I find myself liking her more and more as time goes on. Eventually, Koharu is able to make amends for her actions and make up with her friends, finding her own happiness with the MC.
Mari: Lastly we have Mari, the dependable superior who I've been cheering for. She turns out to be, emotionally, the weakest of the 3 side girls, and her conflict stems from the the fact that she was just a rebound. It also turns out that she makes the decision to leave for America for her job, bringing back Haruki's trauma from 3 years before. Which leads to the extremely satisfying conclusion of Haruki chasing after her and living in America.
However, the most impactful part of the route for me was Haruki breaking it off with Setsuna in the Cabin to chase after Mari. That scene gouged my heart, as it's different from the other routes where she accepts Harukis actions. Here's Setsuna's suffering is laid bare and the reader gets to feel the full brunt of how much she longs for Haruki. After 4 consecutive L's, from this point on I NEEDED Setsuna to take a W.
Setsuna: Finally, we arrive at the point where Setsuna is the main focus. Haruki doesn't rebound and is able to recover emotionally thanks to the encouragement of the 3 side girls. Deciding to finally lay bear his feelings for Setsuna. Setsuna however is full of doubt and is afraid of becoming closer or more distant with the MC. Eventually, Tomo (who pisses me off) antagonizes Setsuna to the point where Setsuna is able to show her true feelings around Tomo and Haruki. Allowing Haruki the opportunity to get Setsuna to sing again, allowing the two to reconcile. A very very satisfying conclusion for me who's been watching her suffer.
Coda: And thus leads to Coda, a 2 year timeskip with Haruki and Setsuna having a happy relationship... until the eventual chance encounter with Kazusa. Haruki and Kazusa, who still hold deep feelings for one another. It's also at this point that I realize, I pretty much despise Kazusa and have lost any amount of motivation for her win.
This is where my emotional trauma comes to play as Haruki, the despicable person that he is, cannot bring himself to abandon Kazusa even if it means betraying Setsuna. Thus eventually Kazusa makes an appearance in Japan, and Haruki, due to his job, accompanies her for exclusive coverage for his media company. Needless to say throughout the common route I am emotionally unstable due to Haruki's actions and his feelings for both the main girls. Eventually, Haruki ends up running away from Kazusa's concert due to guilt, causing her to emotionally breakdown. I can honestly say I'm cheering for Kazusa's downfall at this point, but at the same time I do think shes a great character and sympathize with her actions. Finally we reach the crossroads, that depends on whether or not the MC lied throughout the common route.
Kazusa Normal: Not much to say here as its a brief ending with Setsuna winning after Kazusa leaves, but nothing is really resolved. Therefore, it left a bitter taste in my mouth and kind of just feels like a game over.
Cheating End: The absolute worst route in the game, and I don't mean that objectively. I mean from a complete suffering standpoint. Here Haruki ends up betraying both girls with his lies and eventually both Kazusa and Setsuna leave him causing him to be emotionally broken. Of course, Setsuna, being best girl, is able to recover herself and guide him back to a stable life. The amount of rage I accumilated throughout this route was so great that I ended up skipping through text near the end which I have never done with any other VN. At this point, I had already decided to do Setsuna's route last. But instead, I ended up opting to skipping Kazusa route entirely. More on that later
Setsuna True: Once I started this route, I become at peace, and the rage inside me dissappeared. Finally, best girl was going to get her happy end, and it was going to be glorious. At the same time, I was hoping for Kazusa to be at peace too. As much as I wanted Setsuna to win, I shared her greed for everyone being happy. Thus imagine my delight when it turns out the core of this route is just that. Getting Kazusa to come to terms with her rejection. Kazusa finding the strength to stand up on her own, even without the support of the two people who loved her. Kazusa obtaining happiness. And it turns out the person who is able to achieve all that is Setsuna herself. After Haruki fails to support Kazusa due to his feelings for Setsuna, he turns to Setsuna for help. Through her strength and effort, she is able to create a situation where everyone is happy and able to move forward. Where she is able to grasp her own happiness, giving Kazusa the strength to move on. Setsuna who has worked the hardest throughout the entire game, who gas suffered the most, finally gets her deserved ending... and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Kazusa True End: Thus I skipped this route, and have no plans to ever start it. I've read a summary on exactly what happens, and I can confidentally say I will never put myself through that suffering. I have always liked romance VNs due to the fact that every girl has a chance to grasp happiness, and will always opt to complete every route, but this is an exception. I think it's one of the things that makes this VN so great. My complete undivided investment in the characters of a fictional story is able to have such a profound effect on my emotions.
Closing Thoughts: I do understand that people like to suggest that Kazusa's true end is the "true" ending due to the central theme of true love in WH2. How Haruki and Kazusa were perfect for one another. How true love can only be obtained through sacrifice of everything you hold dear, friends, family, etc. That Setsuna's route is just the idealized standard happy ending.
At the end of the day, I don't really think all that matters. As a reader I like to have my own take on what the story means to me. In my eyes, Setsuna was the most deserving of a happy ending. Through the sheer hard work and devotion she put in from the beginning. She was able to struggle and create a situation where everyone is able to obtain happiness. Kazusa,at the end of the day, wasn't there for those five years. The people who supported each other, gained strength from one another, and struggled with one another during that time are Haruki and Setsuna. Kazusa, being the weak person that she is, is unable to create a situation like where everyone is happy, destroying everything in her attempt at happiness. This is why I can't support route her even though she's a fantastic character.
Anyway, an utterly fantastic VN and probably the greatest pure love story I have ever read. I am immensly greatful to the fan translators for their amazing work on bringing this masterpiece to English audiences.
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2022.01.28 16:06 Random_local_man Can I ignore this?

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2022.01.28 16:06 HotelLima6 Does anyone know the style name of this Chanel bag please?

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2022.01.28 16:06 UnaAlmaPerdida J.C. Boggy Depot Album Cover

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2022.01.28 16:06 AvatAIR35 ben bu resimdeki adam gibiyim. siz nasılsınız

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2022.01.28 16:06 limcrimbinz Crescent moon runeword for light sorc !!

How do you guys feel about a crescent moon runeword in a crystal sword for light sorcs? Ive been using it and havent noticed a difference from HOTO, in fact i find i kill bosses faster, at the very least. Only costs an Um rune and that -35% enemy light res imo does way more for you than +3 skills. (Statistically of course i may be wrong) but in relation to the price of HOTO or a top tier eschutas (+ light skill damage does next to nothing when light mastery already gives you hundreds) crescent moon seems to be the best bang for your buck !! Ill switch to hoto once i get my Infinity going.
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2022.01.28 16:06 -Omegamart- Unvaccinated Sarah Palin eating at a restaurant in NYC two days after testing positive

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