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Spravil som s kamaratom marekom skin koncept

2021.11.29 10:46 Extension-Bit5587 Spravil som s kamaratom marekom skin koncept

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2021.11.29 10:46 AaronPeten984 YOUR ENEMY CANT KILL IF THEYRE DEAD

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2021.11.29 10:46 crosswalk_zebra Going to try and escape a dead-end job, how to move forward?

TL;DR: didn't code much if any in my 1,5 years of experience, rusty skills in my main stack, no PR reviews, no help, never wrote a test, how do I put this on my CV and do I still go for entry-level developer jobs or can I aim higher?
Long version:
I graduated from a bootcamp a year and a half ago in full first wave of the pandemic. From the get go there was some weird stuff at the job, like upper and middle management disagreed on why I was hired and my contract didn't stipulate things. I stuck it out because I needed the money and thought at least it could be experience on my CV.
I was willing to be flexible, so I did some IT ticketing, I studied up on sysadmin, I made Figma designs, I did something akin to functional analysis and project management - we were grossly understaffed and completely disorganised and also there was always a fire to put out so I jumped in to help. Lots of glue work too, little coding. The little code I did was mostly understand a massive codebase in a language I had never coded in before, with little documentation and no other dev to ask anything to.
Currently the company is restructuring with the help of big-shot consultants who are going to "streamline processes" and don't listen to a thing we are saying from the floor and have scrapped the little project management organisation I managed to get going, and told us to use excel spreadsheets for everything. I was to become the one dev to maintain their codebase, at first I was enthusiastic to try (code, finally!) but after several failures I have to admit the monolithic project filled with homebrew libraries is too complex for me (especially as a junior with no reliable help) and since then I'm just left to rot with nobody giving me anything to do. At this point I have honestly had enough and my motivation is in the sink. Before I was willing to stick it out because I liked my colleagues and felt like maybe we could turn this around but I've lost hope.
So I've got 1.5 years as a sort-of developer / bit of everything, but never wrote a test (no tests in our codebase), never had a PR review, just coded until "it works" or have branches full of half-finished stuff I got stuck on with nobody to unstuck me. What do I put on my CV? Do I apply for medior jobs, do I take a pay cut and go back to fresh-outta-bootcamp junior developer jobs?
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2021.11.29 10:46 tenebralupo "Yes boss i am working, not my fault IT threshold our speed to 355kbps"

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2021.11.29 10:46 El_Pichi808 If you bring your dog to the beach please pick up after them!

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2021.11.29 10:46 BeardslyBo Anyone ever heard of a construction butler? What is it?

Heard it second hand with no explanation
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2021.11.29 10:46 VikingKing42 What is a great laptop to use for this game?

My wife currently uses a 2016 macbook pro. And the battery is starting to get fried. I was curious as to what a good gaming laptop would be for this game? Not trying to break the bank but something affordable that can take long session of sims without turning into fire.
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2021.11.29 10:45 Jeabh Could anyone make it so it is just the hands no background?

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2021.11.29 10:45 JTTNebula What will work on Ubuntu Touch? Should I settle for Degoogled android?

I've been thinking about getting a phone with Ubuntu Touch, I've been writing a list of my needs to work out whether I should settle for a generic degoogled android phone or not.
-Telegram -Signal -Calendar -Secure Email service -Odysee (or LBRY) -Some form of non Google maps -Spotify -Italian English Translator app
I'm a total Linux noob, though I'm preparing to make the leap and I'm willing to learn.
Any other tips or risks about using my phone for these needs? Anything that I could do on the phone but it may compromise my privacy
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2021.11.29 10:45 Zingykasimiko12 Rate my world conquest!

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2021.11.29 10:45 BlindLouse Precisamos falar sobre o Especialismo Cultural

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2021.11.29 10:45 shearschan It was really just about politics

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2021.11.29 10:45 jupiterthunder1205 I wish we were compatible

I love that we had amazing chemistry from the start. I love that we could talk for hours and it just feels like time stood still. I love that each time we talk, I discover how similar our values and interests are.
So I mustered up "20 seconds of insane courage" to ask you out. But that's not enough when we actually took our friendship to the next step. I thought maybe you'd make an exception for me as an introvert to meet up for low-key dates or Netflix and maybe chill. But in absence of quality time, I needed words of affirmation for reassurance. I tried stating what I needed, but you remained the same. So I distanced myself to avoid the pain everytime I talked to you. Do you even miss me? Do you even know how much you hurt me that you couldn't meet me halfway?
It really hurts me to know that we're just not compatible.
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2021.11.29 10:45 uNkn0wn114 Its not loading....

The game's not loading for me(?) it doesn't even go to the black screen with the Hogwarts crest I the only one with this problem....
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2021.11.29 10:45 lifesuckssodoyou Tiny still life

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2021.11.29 10:45 -XaetaCore- Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Lockdown

Prague is in lockdown, Time to stealth our way trough
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2021.11.29 10:45 Djfred93 Cybersécurité : Le Royaume-Uni interdit les mots de passe universels

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2021.11.29 10:45 genadyarkhipau Spring is Coming, oil on canvas

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2021.11.29 10:45 LoneShark81 They always pull you back in

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2021.11.29 10:45 ssjgod2004 2

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2021.11.29 10:45 WheelIntelligent1354 When did tv dads become the dumb/lazy parent?

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2021.11.29 10:45 eyebrowsus2 me_irl

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2021.11.29 10:45 Zestyclose-Celery421 Where do i find this function in photoshop?

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2021.11.29 10:45 Frajeeleeee We are in the beginnings of the stage 2 pump, get in before its too late!

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2021.11.29 10:45 cd_dollyy i love myself♥️

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