Can XYO be mined like other assets?

2021.11.29 10:48 TheOlGripNSip Can XYO be mined like other assets?

I'm quite honestly over the COIN app and the fact that you have to earn quite a bit within the app just to make a measly $5 in XYO, at which point I'd rather just put money into it.
But lately I've been more keen on making a mining rig and i know a little bit of how it works. Is anyone familiar with how to mine it, for lack of a better term, traditionally? I've done some shallow digging and most people have dozens of phones set up to farm on the COIN app and while that might equal out to a spendy rig, I have a few GPU laying about and the ability to set it up.
Is this even a possibility?
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2021.11.29 10:48 Inorai [Spark of Divinity] Part 114.2

[Spark of Divinity] Part 114.2
Cover art | [Discord Server| Home Page
Patreon (3/6+ chapters ahead)
The Story - After a truck smeared her across the pavement on her way to work one morning, Tara Davis expected that to be the end. Instead, she's offered the chance to become the first new god in millennia. The catch? She has to kill the goddess currently holding the title.
Spark is now complete on Patreon!
With Spark ending soon, Roots and Steel is starting up on Reddit! It's a monster hunter themed fantasy adventure about a junior hunter who gets scooped up by a huntress far his senior and whisked off into a race to kill a dragon first xD If that interests you, check out the first chapter here! It'll continue on at 1-2 chapters per week :D Five chapters now live!
Slowly, I brought my blade up. I’d thought my heart couldn’t get any heavier than it was. I was wrong.
So very close by, I could hear the scrape of wood against stone as Heracles picked his club up off the arena’s smooth ground. You don’t have time to think now. Just do it.
My eyes closed.
The sound of the watching crowd still filled my ears. Their pitch hadn’t changed. I’d hear him coming, I knew. A smile played at my lips, wretched and small. Heracles never had been subtle.
I turned my senses inward, searching. My magic rose in response—and I turned it aside. This wasn’t about my magic, for once in my goddamn afterlife. This was about me, and the things I carried within me. The things I’d been given, however unwillingly.
Another scrape—of stone against stone. The watching gods cheered. Heracles must be on his feet again. Hurry.
Terra- I heard Toby begin, before Shade shushed him.
I furrowed my brow, looking deeper. Maybe I was wrong, but-
An exhalation left my lips as an acrid tang burned somewhere deep, deep beneath my skin. Venom. Just a drop, but enough. Now I knew I was right.
I clung to that fragment of poison, letting my magic seep back in at last. Letting it rise up, buoying the foul concoction to the surface.
A roar ripped through the arena, telling me my time was very much up. My eyes snapped back open, and I leapt to the side. Heracles’ club crashed to the stone a few steps away, right where I’d been.
I clung to that feeling, though. The venom. It still lived there inside my blood, inside me. Hermes’ doing, of course. Had he known? His reaction said yes, but part of me still wanted to reject that he’d seen it coming, that this had been in the cards for so long and no one had stopped it.
And go against Zeus? my thoughts whispered. Hermes? Not likely. And he’s the only one wily enough to predict something like this.
I kept my eyes on Heracles, not bothering to try and mount an offense anymore. Gaia was still gasping for air, caught in her nightmares, and Shade had withdrawn, seemingly uncertain how he could help. It was just Heracles and I left standing there.
Us and Melinoe, who I could even then feel watching from above.
As I pulled the venom loose, I squeezed it, wrung it like a soaked cloth until my hands seethed with the toxic substance. My fingers tingled, but that was all. I swallowed a snort, which became a grimace. “I guess it’s not the worst adaptation I could’ve made,” I whispered.
Toby’s anxiety burned in the back of my mind as Heracles whipped back around. I just lifted my hands, cradling them both close to my mostly-armored chest. The machete was already glowing, fading back into a shorter, more familiar shape.
And as it settled into the serrated blade of my knife, I let the edge slice through my palm.
Heracles straightened, his unbridled hair whipping out behind him. His chest gleamed with streaks of gold, his wounds flowing unabated, but that horrible madness filled his face all the same. Once again, he charged, arms spread wide like he would tackle me straight to the ground.
I rose to meet him, dropping my knife arm to my side. My shattered ribs screamed. My veins pulsed, filled with adrenaline to match the poison.
And my tainted blood dripped down the blade of my knife, stark black matched against the brilliant gold.
Now all I had to do was hit him. I dropped my chin to my chest, letting the rest of the noise go. The braziers that crackled merrily around me. The balcony above, filled with jeering onlookers. Even Toby and Shade faded away as my attention zeroed in on the Greek hero.
He ran straight toward me, no subtlety involved, no tricks or games. His club bounded with every pace, his knuckles white as he gripped the thing. His shirt had long ago been lost, because of course it had. I kept my eyes trained to his chest, watching for the slightest motion. The slightest sign that he was about to make his attack.
A twitch—a tension in his shoulders, a jerk of his elbow. I was already moving by the time his arm came up.
Down I went. I hit the ground at a dead run, hard enough to slide straight past him.
The wicked wood-and-steel of his club flashed by inches above his face.
Up. I rolled back to my knees, surging aloft, and-
Heracles twisted, pivoting back toward me. His lips were open, his teeth bared, but all I could hear was a hollow, ringing shriek and the pounding of my heart. His arm curled against his chest, unwinding into another vicious blow.
Back. I sprang backward with all my might. My not-feet creaked, one final warning of how dangerously close I’d come to snapping them with that trick. Heracles’ club smashed right past, hitting only open air.
Leaving his arms wide, his weapon overextended and useless. Just for a moment—but enough.
I sprang back in. My gaze lifted, despite my best efforts, right to his face. It was still distorted, warped and flushed red from his madness until it was hardly recognizable as the same man I’d traveled with. Fought alongside. Sought comfort with. My stomach roiled. There’s not another way, I told myself.
“Now,” I breathed, already sailing toward him with my knife poised.
A sigh slipped over the arena, just a whisper but impossibly loud. The air chilled. The shadow beneath Heracles twisted, vanishing-
And the darkness sucked straight out of his eyes.
My breath caught in my throat. There he was—him again, his expression already fading from pure undiluted rage to something more...resigned. Exhausted. His eyes met mine.
I couldn’t stop even if I’d wanted to, but it didn’t stop the pang of regret that burned deep in my chest.
Metal met skin. I plunged my venom-soaked knife right between his ribs, both hands wrapped around the hilt.
Right into him.
The crossguard pressed against my fingers, sunk right to the skin. I clung to it, reeling and sightless. My hands trembled. Had I-
A hand brushed my shoulder, mammoth and still.
“Thank you,” I heard him murmur, his voice hoarse, and I looked up.
Black was spreading across his side, his chest, spiderwebbing away from the knife still plunged into him. The venom, I realized. It coursed through his veins, deeper and deeper with every passing second.
He was smiling. Just a little. I remember that. Even as the black raced up his neck, he was smiling.
The air shuddered. Sudden heat returned. The noise of the crowd surged back in.
The fingers wrapped around my shoulder twitched, tightening with renewed vigor, and I twisted away before he could grab hold. That horrible void filled his eyes again, like someone had flipped a switch and turned day to night. My knife came free with a terrible sucking noise. I stumbled backward, getting it up in front of me like a shield. I should make a shield. I should have done a lot of things in that moment.
But I just shrank back, clutching my knife, and watched Heracles stagger forward.
The black in his veins raced onward, unrelenting. His club fell from his hand, even as his other rose to press against the fresh wound in his torso. His teeth gritted, he glared at me, his face contorting again. For a second, I thought he’d lunge at me again. He took a step toward me, fingers clenched into claws.
His legs gave out. His knees crashed into the ground, then they too surrendered against the gargantuan task of supporting a man like him.
With one final slap of leather and skin against stone, Heracles collapsed to the ground.
I couldn’t move. You had to do it, my thoughts crooned. You had no choice.
That excuse was starting to wear pretty fucking thin.
I could see his face, just a little. I could watch the fury give way to pain, his breath coming in heavy, strained gasps. Even those faded, vanishing all too quickly.
He opened his eyes, at the last, and they were white again. He didn’t even look angry. His lips moved, shaping a single word that he couldn’t put a voice to anymore.
Light gleamed along his outline. Motes of gold broke away, spreading like wildfire. With one final burst, they exploded, sending embers of light floating through the arena.
I stood there, still clutching my knife, surrounded by the beautiful display. Motionless.
And I stared at the empty space my friend had left behind.
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2021.11.29 10:48 TeflonTony69 Aussie BR player looking for squad to play tactically with MICS

I have always loved COD I hold about 1.25 KD on cold war and seem to have amongst the highest KDs per game I play of cold war.
I'm a tactical person I play in teams well and love team work henc the move the BR.
I'm in my twenty's and was let's say forcibly offline for a few years when BR became popular.
To me the game BR can't really be won without team work and having a mic is key to that.
I'm new to BR but have and will pick it up quickly.
Im looking for a squad that plays WZ BR most nights to really play properly / tactically with MICS
I consider myself an above average / good player of cold war and I'm getting there with warzone but the game keeps putting me with noobs.
TLDR I play on PC, if anyone wants to play proper tactics with MICS in BR mode plz hit me up :)
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2021.11.29 10:48 yyzworker Chief medical officer holding news conference after new COVID-19 variant detected in Ontario

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2021.11.29 10:48 lolanonymous24 Shhhhh

AJ has been pretty quiet lately. i wonder what’s going to come.
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2021.11.29 10:48 Perky_Peanut Likes getting his fangies into stick more than the toy on the string...

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2021.11.29 10:48 SangameshDashavant Does this fibula fracture ever heal? This is xray taken after month of surgery

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2021.11.29 10:48 robotLights People that drink Pepsi are well known to be cooler than other people, why do you think that is ?

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2021.11.29 10:48 EmpresssArtemis I didn’t go to thanksgiving

So um yeah….long story short I’ve been suffering from social anxiety forever it really got bad in middle school. I’m 25 now, my fiancé is working out of town and I can’t seem to do anything without him. I lied to my family and told them I was going over to my in-laws. And I spent thanksgiving FaceTiming my fiancé from the home I was house sitting. Did I desperately want to go and see my family? Yes. Did that crippling feeling of my conversation or even my presents isn’t good enough start seeping in. Hell yeah.
Before the pandemic I was more than fine being myself, going out with friends all of it. But now I find myself scared to even go to the store at times. I know it’s something I need work on…I just don’t see myself getting any better I guess. Sometimes I feel it but it’s days like thanksgiving that I feel so helpless and terrible.
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2021.11.29 10:48 DreadLord64 Utah Phillips - The Preacher And The Slave

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2021.11.29 10:48 Shoddy_Department387 Missed #SHIBA? | Don't miss $ShibArmy 🐕 - Successfully Launched 1 hour ago |SHIB Rewards 🔥 |🟢PUMP Incoming ! Perfect time enter !

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2021.11.29 10:48 RaggedyMan696 Can i still jump it,atleast on street?i belive the fork is misaligned or the handlebars are crooked

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2021.11.29 10:48 joeygallinal Wait a minute?

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2021.11.29 10:48 hrishio How to use React with Rails 7 (importmaps)

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2021.11.29 10:48 MR_TIMO_LP I forgot to add this picture to the previous post (sorry)

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2021.11.29 10:48 GinikZone Unavoidable group settings

Quick backstory: There is this girl which was all over me a couple of months ago after she ended her 9 year relationship. We were FWB for a while but it felt more like going towards a relationship. Until she lost interest and decided she just wanted to be friends, which I rejected of course.
Now the problem is that we have many mutual friends and therefore I can’t do no contact as we will inevitably meet at some point through friends. We have both been quite cold to each when we met and didn’t really talk to each other. There are some subtle things she does showing that she is still somewhat interested in me.
I’m afraid that if I start showing interest it’s over pursuing, but being cold just communicates that I’m not interested at all. So how do I act towards her in these kinds of situations?
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2021.11.29 10:48 masterkush122 Next single release

Anyone know when the next one(s) is/are gonna drop?
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2021.11.29 10:48 none_comfortableness Why does this keep happening to me?

17M, just started talking to a person and not even a few minutes into the conversation they just stopped responding. That irks me so much, why do you even post about making a friend anyways? A sufficient 'I have found someone better to talk to' would have been so much better and less painful. I have ended 2 online friendships that lasted a few months because
a. They were irresponsive, undirect and do not initiate conversations
b. When I make plans with them I felt they were not fond of but they DONT EVEN SAY THEIR FEELINGS ABOUT THE MATTER much less even give a shit about mentioning it
c. They only talked to me when they're bored or have no one else to talk to; its fine every once in awhile but at this point I am used as a goddamn emotional trashbin
I don't even know why I still try.
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2021.11.29 10:48 Grady789Elliott This entire subreddit after being defeated in battle.

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2021.11.29 10:48 CoinjoyAssistant Basic Attention Token (BAT) Cools Off After Rally to New All-Time High

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2021.11.29 10:48 evilninjarobot Akon unveils new cryptocurrency called Akoin

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2021.11.29 10:48 Fialemiliano1 tranquilla mamma, torno presto, vado con dei miei amici a imitare la roccia.....

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2021.11.29 10:48 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.29 10:48 rajarshi_ghosh What to improve from here on in?

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2021.11.29 10:48 aquaticlemon Does anyone have a summary of all the lore yesterday?

I only watched Techno's stream since I didn't know any others were happening but I am interested in reading a summary of it. Are there any good (in depth?) summaries of all the lore I can read to get caught up?
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