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2021.10.17 08:58 Comfortable_Noise_53 Have a great day :)

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2021.10.17 08:58 unknown6091 If the idea of god never existed humanity would be very boring

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2021.10.17 08:58 LordGamerzAKAPranav Woah what new to you. What is that? That's sick actually.

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2021.10.17 08:58 JapanEngineer Is published native apps easier after publishing Flutter apps?

So I’ve finally published my first flutter app for my company to the apple and Android stores and I learnt a lot about xCode and Android Studio.
I have no experience with native apps and am just wondering will this experience with flutter help me if I ever delve into native apps?
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2021.10.17 08:58 IHadSexWithMyFriend I want it so badly, i love obsolete coinage so much, all i need is a 2 cent and a 3 cent silver

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2021.10.17 08:58 RiverMountain2106 Amazing brook in the uintas

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2021.10.17 08:58 864FastAsfBoy Anyone on the top 100 leaderboard? If so rank, main hero,time played?

Just curious
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2021.10.17 08:58 LineAdministrative82 The Collab is done! thank you to all the people who participated

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2021.10.17 08:58 nu2kpop 211017 WM Entertainment Artists Contract Expiration Dates

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2021.10.17 08:58 sj2110 SoP for MS in automotive engineering

Hello all, needed help with reviewing my SoP. I am looking for admission in Clemson University's automotive engineering master's program. I will also be using a similar SoP for Uni of Michigan as well.
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2021.10.17 08:58 DudeisaGuy Kidd vs Katakuri

Who wins?
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2021.10.17 08:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Sri Lanka seeks $500 million loan from India for fuel purchase | Times of India

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2021.10.17 08:58 remember1916Eire I play music to the words, DAE?

Hi folks,
I play older Irish folk songs on a plethora of instruments and I have always played the melody on any instrument to the words of a song I know.. this has lead to some tunes being more complicated or not than the general sheet provides.. (I can't read music)
I'm at a bit of a loss to describe all of the technical terms, but I'm hoping some of you out there might understand what I'm talking about.
I hear the words/melody to Mary Had A Little lamb, as an example of any old song, and play the notes on my instrument to fit it. sometimes, in the music I play, songs will speed up and slow down based on the lyrics and I play based on the lyrics, but above all, the feeling I get for how fast or slow something is sung.
I've been pretty successful with this, just for the record, but I've had band mates that have told me I should always stick to "time".
I feel like any song is like a conversation, and sometimes you pause or need to say something slowly to let the gravity of the words sink in.
Am I stupid or crazy? I like the way I play and I'll never stop, what I'm curious about is if anyone else out there adheres the words for how a melody should flow and not the concrete sheets.
Also!! I'm not playing dance music!! Just the kind of music where you Want to hear the lyrics, lol
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2021.10.17 08:58 cav_man Fighter

I remember playing an old fighter game back on my ps1. The most I can remember now is that one of the fighters was an old bald man who was the last fighter to beat in the campaign mode and he was really hard to beat. I don’t remember what the game was at all but I know it was almost like a tekken style game but when I search it online I cant find that character. Hoping you guys can help me with what I’m trying to play so I can order it.
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2021.10.17 08:58 LAGlassworks Thinking it’s gonna be about a QP off this 1 exotic genetics Chocolate chimp I just chopped -before/after if you swipe

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2021.10.17 08:58 yotamolenik1 Skye late game pvp

i remember MrReacon said she can be a great tank, but i dont see her on the tier list. so is she good or not?
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2021.10.17 08:58 Gregor1408123 Found big floppa in far cry 6

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2021.10.17 08:58 romain34230 Vous pouvez économiser 600 (!) euros sur ce TV QLED 4K de Samsung grâce à Bouygues Telecom

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2021.10.17 08:58 EUcriminal How do you find out if you are wanted in the Schengen Area? Is doing a SIS II request effective?

If you do not know if you have or have not done a crime in the Schengen area (and are possibly wanted by a Schengen area country); is doing a SIS II request an effective way to check? Would you be able to enter the Schengen area with a SIS II alert? Are SIS II alerts issued often, or are arrest warrants usually just left in the country that the offense may or may not have happened in?

For example, in Switzerland, you can request to do a SIS II check on from this page.

I read that doing a SIS II request is a possible way of checking. A website I found said this:

" A person in any Member State can apply to find out whether there is currently a SIS II alert concerning them (Article 58 SIS II Decision). The provision of information is subject to any national rules that apply and the Issuing State’s opinion. Information will not be provided if it is “indispensable for the performance of a lawful task in connection with an alert or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of third parties” (Article 58(4) SIS II Decision).

You will need to identify the competent authority and the procedure in your Member State.[19] Practice varies, and though some authorities will disclose the existence of an alert, others will not. The process may also take many months and the answers provided may be inconclusive. "


It seems like the SIS II request can go either way. The authorities might disclose a SIS II alert, but it seems like other times a EU country might hide a SIS II alert from you. Maybe you would have to apply for a SIS II check in multiple countries?

I also read that SIS II alerts are only active for 3 years, and then are reviewed and sometimes ended. Another website said that SIS II alerts are only disclosed if they are no longer active. There seems to be a lot of confusing information about this topic online.
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2021.10.17 08:58 LongJonSiIver Xbox Insider Leaks Unannounced and "Dark" Xbox Series X Exclusive

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Defense of Japan - 2033
Defense of Japan - 2029
Defense of Japan - 2027
Defense of Japan - 2025
Defense of Japan - 2022

The Defense of Japan remains the defining White Paper for Japanese National Doctrine as it relates to defense and national preparedness. As we enter into the year 2037, the Empire of Japan now rests across every corner of the Pacific, from the South in the Antarctic, to New Caledonia and the Polynesian Islands, in the East through Koma Kulshan and of course across our vast western Holdings. Further, the Empire now stretches across nearly every other distinct ocean, be it the Atlantic through the Quartet, the Indian Ocean through Paradis and other bases, and of course in the Antarctic Ocean. The needs of the Nation are thus rapidly changing as our nation truly enters into its era of uncontested Imperial Might. As a result, the Imperial General Headquarters has determined that DOJ2037 will serve to illuminate the current structure of the Empire on a defensive level, now that we have inducted a high number of new formal territories. Further, it will seek to outline the new reserve army in Koma Kulshan and the Dageki Butai units in Paradis and Koma Kulshan alike. Finally, the DOJ2037 will outline the future of Empire on a military and strength basis, as perceived by the Imperial General Headquarters. As a result, DOJ2037 will be an internally published and classified document, as we outline policy goals moving forward pertaining to military and territory.
Imperial General Headquarters - Oceanic Command Zones While the administrative structure on a local/domestic scale has been already addressed as of DOJ2035, with the official inclusion of Paradis, Reunion, Koma Kulshan, and a variety of bases on a global basis - it is time to now outline our global structure for operational command. To that extent and as part of the recent Prime Directives, the Imperial General Headquarters has officially defined the Operational Command Theaters.
With the changing world as a result of The Collapse - the same 'PACOM-American" styled global theater command is no longer viable, combined with the fact Japan is primarily a naval power, our need to be operating on every continent is far less compared to our need for operating in every ocean. Therefore, Oceanic Command Zones which represent our form of the once "PACOM" styled system (Combatant Command) will divide the world in the eyes of the IGH by Ocean and Sea, the Unified Oceanic Command structure below and includes either the significant territory or bases in each zone.
Unified Oceanic Command
While each Unified Oceanic Command location is routed to the central command system as outlined in DOJ2035, the following locations also act as "secondary headquarters" for each Oceanic Command,
At present and due to a lack of any real presence in the Arctic Oceanic Command region - Joint Base Tora Dora will function as a dual command location. While the Imperial Japanese Navy is heavily interested in gaining a footing within the Arctic, it has been deemed largely non-viable at this time on a geopolitical level.
The 3rd Imperial Army (Kulshan) A unique addition from the recent Prime Directives the 3rd Imperial Army is technically a reserve force developed to ensure the long-term security of Koma Kulshan. Primarily recruited from outside of Koma Kulshan (in particular Taiwan, from the former National Reserve Program) - they are a force in practice trained to ensure the long-term defense of our territory, through infantry-combat/logistics, air defense, and artillery/rocket precision artillery.
As a result, the structural formation is non-standard to the 1st and 2nd Imperial Armies (Regular Force and Dageki Butai). Instead, they are formed into larger "Regiments" of 10,000, numbering from 1-150. Distribution such that,
The Imperial General Headquarters estimates that at current strength, approximately 20% of the overall reserve force would be able to be mustered in a 48 hour period, another 40% within a week. The remainder of the force excluding 5% of the force which can muster in 1-24 hours, would take approximately a week or two weeks to be mobilized. This does not factor into account reservists picking up guns and going to defend the region. And only factors into account a "full mobilization under organized military operations".
Status of the current defense industry
Name Head Representative Headquarters Industries of Note
Armscor International [Martin Tuason (President) Manila, Japan Small arms
Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing Co. Hiroshi Yamaguchi (CEO) Yubinbango (Aichi Prefecture), Japan. Precision Metal Processed Products, Automatic Assembly Machines, Aircraft Parts, Small-Munitions.
Daikin Industries, Ltd. Masanori Togawa (CEO) Umeda Center (Osaka), Japan. Warheads/Missiles, Munitions (Heavy/Small), Aircraft Parts, Explosives
Hitachi, Ltd. Hiroaki Nakanishi (Ex Chair) Tokyo, Japan. Military Vehicles, Vetronics, Crisis Management, Satellite Systems, C4I, Electric Propulsion, Advanced Combat Infantry Equipment, Robotics Research, Social Security Infrastructure
Honkawara Shipbuilding Co. Honkawara Makoto (Chair) Hiroshima, Japan Small-Medium Sized Shipbuilder. Coastal Asset Specialized.
Howa Machinery, Ltd. Takahiro Tsukamoto (Pres) Kiyosu, Japan Small Arms (Main Contractor)
IHI (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries) Corporation Tamotsu Saito (Chair) Tokyo, Japan Gas Turbines, Aircraft Engines, Space Products, Shipbuilding (Destroyers) (IMPORTANT)
Imabari Shipbuilding Toshiyuki Higaki (Chairman) Ehime, Japan Shipbuilding
Ishikawa Seisakusho Ikukyo Kohase (CEO) Yubinbango, Japan Machine Lightning, Robotics.
Japan Steel Works, Ltd. Ikuo Sato (CEO) Tokyo, Japan. Reactor Pressure Vessels (1 in 5) (Specialized), Japanese Swords, Development of Armored Vehicles and Ground/Naval Artillery.
JFE Holdings, Inc. Eiji Hayashida (CEO) Tokyo, Japan. Shipbuilding.
Japan Marine United Parent Company IHI Corporation Kanagawa, Japan Shipbuilding
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Yoshinori Kanehana (Chair) Tokyo, Japan Aircraft, Jet Engines, Munitions, Helicopters, Space Systems, Electronics, Ship Building via Kasawki Shipbuilding Corporation including Submarines, Industrial Robots,
Komatsu Limited Hiroyuki Ogawa (CEO) Tokyo, Japan Light Armored Vehicles/MRAPs
Miroku Corp. Yoshihiko Miroku (CEO) Nankoku, Japan Small Arms
MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Yoshihisa Kainuma (CEO) Nagano, Japan Small Arms
Mitsubishi Group Iwasaki Yataro (Founder) Tokyo, Japan Aircraft, Shipbuilding, Research, Vehicles, largely via Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsui Shipbuilding Takao Tanaka (CEO) Tokyo, Japan Shipbuilding (LSTs)
Sasebo Heavy Industries Kensuke Namura (CEO) Nagasaki, Japan Shipbuilding/Repair
Setouchi Craft Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Director) Hiroshima, Japan Shipbuilding (Small vessels/Passenger)
ShinMaywa Industries Yoshihiro Onishi (CEO) Hyogo, Japan Seaplanes, Amphibians, Seaplane development
Subaru Corporation Yasuyuki Yoshinaga (Chair) Tokyo, Japan Aircraft, Small Land Vehicles, Attack Helicopters
Sumidagawa Shipyard Hideo Ishiwatari (Pres) Tokyo, Japan Patrol Boats/Support Vessels
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Shunsuke Betsukawa (CEO) Tokyo, Japan Laser processing, particle accelerators, small arms.
Yamaha Motor Company Hiroyuki Yanagi (Chair) Iwata, Japan Vehicles, UAVs
Future Developments for the Japanese Military by 2041 The ATLA at large maintains the following goals to be achieved by 2041
  • Army Objectives
    • Continue development of robotic future warfighting equipment.
  • Air Force Objectives
    • Begin development of cargo/transport fixed-wing aircraft.
    • Begin development of a laser-ABM/anti-missile armed "loitering" ZEHST-1 aircraft.
    • Begin development on EW Integration Package for all primary fighter jets.
  • Navy Objectives
    • Begin development of a new SSN
    • Begin development of a new "Corvette/Escort" Vessel
    • Begin development of a new Destroyer "First Class" Vessel
    • Begin development of a new Cruiser vessel
Selected Readings of Importance (Provided to the Chrysanthemum Academy use at discretion - not available publicly/not open access)
Title Code
2022 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of the National Strategy DOJ2022
The Japan Self-Defense Forces - 2030 JSDF2030
2025 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of National Strategy DOJ2025
Japan Self Defense Force - Fleet Review 2025 JFR2025
THINK PIECE: Kantai Kessen JIIA-01
2027 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of the National Strategy DOJ2027
THINK PIECE: Ending the Era of Trust JIIA-02
THINK PIECE: Self-Defense, a Failed Deterrent JIIA-03
2029 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of the National Strategy DOJ2029
2033 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of the National Strategy DOJ2033
2035 / DEFENSE OF JAPAN / Review of the National Strategy DOJ2035
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2021.10.17 08:58 romain34230 OPPO A94 : chez RED by SFR, il est totalement gratuit (0€) 🔥

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