Why do SYC throw up hoover?

2021.10.17 08:34 lolnahbroimstraight Why do SYC throw up hoover?

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2021.10.17 08:34 Rashpal_singh https://yavatmal.atmamaharashtra.org/ambedkar-vasati-yojana/

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2021.10.17 08:34 ZequizFTW Entity Hitboxes?

I'd like to have it so that when the player right clicks on (or in the region of) a model I've made, and I'd like to run a command when the player clicks on said model. The problem is that the size of the model greatly exceeds the trapdoor hitbox it's interact area is confined to. How would I go about making a different hitbox for this, and how would I use this to run a command/
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2021.10.17 08:34 Brian-_S [OC] I'm tired of people telling me to "grind"

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2021.10.17 08:34 lool8421 allay re-playing music discs

Since allay likes music, it could auto-replace music discs from jukeboxes when the music ends, but only if allay has nothing to do, you can even isolate the jukebox or simply manually take out the disc if tou don't want that to happen
An alternate solution it to make re-playing work only when there's a note block below the jukebox
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2021.10.17 08:33 shakinit4jezuz Daily Walgreens Radio Song #36- There She Goes by Sixpence

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2021.10.17 08:33 Tuple-Love project ideas?

I have been leetcoding for long time. Can do leetcode mediums. Should I continue more leetcoding or invest some time in some projects which will benifits me/add value in my resume?
And how to get project ideas? Haven't learn anything beside c++.
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2021.10.17 08:33 RLKay Openers for Hire!!

That's what our think tank should write on a placard and wave at the mega auction. 13 out of 13 orange cap winners are openers ffs(only Kane shuffled with his batting position in 2018. But he opened the batting more often than not) . CSK's success in this year's IPL, proved that openers make or break a season for you. Not like we were oblivious to that given for how long Warner carried us on his shoulder at the top. But CSK's success was testament to the fact that a pair of in form openers just makes it easier for you to win the trophy.
Imagine your opening pair scoring 1200+ runs at a decent strike rate. I think CSK this year embodied the perfect opening partnership. Let's see how. First of all Ruturaj and Faf were complimentary batsmen. Faf is a monster in powerplays. He has become a more efficient stroke maker after that change in stance with a higher bat lift. So he goes from 0 to 100 from the very first ball he faces. That allows Ruturaj to play his natural game and not rush his strokes. Man punishes the bad balls and just roll along with Faf igniting the fireworks. Until powerplay ends.. Then starts the Ruturaj show. Guy just bosses the spinners. The key to him playing so well against spinners is his use of feet, an art nearly extinct now. He dances around so well to reach the pitch of the ball. So nothing feels difficult for him. While fap does the PP damage, Rutu keeps the clock ticking in the middle overs. The interesting thing about them is, even when one gets out, the other makes sure to hang around a bit longer to assist newly arriving batsmen. That's the recipe for a perfectly cooked opening pair. A spin specialist and a pace power hitter having some fun together.
But most of the franchise lack that. Punjab has a similar combo with Rahul-Mayank, but they're a self destructive franchise on their own. Historically when we look at our opening pairs, the most successful pairing, i.e. Warner-Dhawan more or less did the same. Although Warner was made to do the heavy lifting most of the times and Dhawan mostly hid behind. It was not an equal partnership. It was Peak Warner dragging Dhawan to perform alongside him. So although this pair looked healthy on paper, it wasn't the most ideal. (But it won us a trophy, so who am I to complain?). Then let's talk about the Warner-Bairstow pair. This is where things get a little more interesting. This was a partnership of equals. Both tried to dominate the bowlers, both changed gears from the first balls and both played pace effectively well. But both had a glaring weakness against spin. Although Warner scratched through with his switch hits, Bairstow's painful batting against spin was less ideal than you'd imagine. So naturally when the PP overs ended, the pair struggled to maintain the SR. Some teams even deployed spinners in PP against them with moderate amount of success.
So that brings us to today's discussion. What kind of openers do we want in next auction? We want a blend of youth and experience. We want a blend of pace and spin specialist. We want a song of ice and fire. Who are such openers? There's where the tricky part lies. The management need to scout well to find a spin specialist, because that species is dying right now. I've my sweet spot for someone like Tripathi, but his spin game ain't strong either. Gill is awfully slow. KL, if gettable, is the perfect pick. But that's a wild dream. Mayank has that balanced trait, but dude just doesn't put a price on his wicket. So who can be the golden goose for us? I'll let y'all decide.
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2021.10.17 08:33 PopMiddle Ah shit here we go again

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2021.10.17 08:33 Passance What are these giant cabins in Chernokamensk for? Other than blocking up the fuel plant's already narrow pathways, that is. I can't find any quest that uses them...?

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2021.10.17 08:33 Feeling_Squash914 Chainmon TO LAUNCHING !! Chainmon TO LAUNCHING ! Get strapped in and join the ride to the party, don't be late to yet another party !

Chainmon TO LAUNCHING !!

Get strapped in and join the ride to the party, don't be late to yet another party !

Token Information :

Name :Chainmon

Symbol :Chainmon

Blockchain : BSC

Total Supply : 100,000,000,000

Burn : 50,000,000,000

Liquidity locked

Contract Verified

Contract Address :0xe6218d77b661313fc109e98e50ec9170fb38e87a

Pancakeswap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe6218d77b661313fc109e98e50ec9170fb38e87a

Contract : https://bscscan.com/token/0xe6218d77b661313fc109e98e50ec9170fb38e87a
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2021.10.17 08:33 _meeep_meep the fade vs straight up on read

why do people ghost via fade (ie. talk a ton, like all the time -> once a day -> once every few days -> on delivered for a week plus)
like. bruh. just. leave. it. on. read.
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2021.10.17 08:33 realMouse_Potato 1. Smile

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2021.10.17 08:33 ephraim_gentile How important is the Old Testament to you?

What is meaningful to you and why or why not?
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2021.10.17 08:33 suwagh Beta Tester New Naruto tower defense

Free Beta tester on new naruto tower defense game https://discord.gg/mkPYq8vT
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2021.10.17 08:33 Daram456 How the hell did a broke 15 year old collector get this Spider-Man

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2021.10.17 08:33 xrisbreaux phone worth buying?

What do you guys think it's a worth buying phone right now? I have high expectations because I bought the pocophone F1 when it first came out. It's time to switch to another and I'm thinking about Google pixel 6 but it's too expensive
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2021.10.17 08:33 L-uKr-e Dell latitude e5570 charging issue.

guys I have this weird problem, after plugging charger to a wall, laptop starts charging normally but after 1-2 minutes it stops charging and won't start unless I unplug it from a wall wait few seconds and plug it in again.
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2021.10.17 08:33 Jradgex Oney Plays Animated || Milk-Bleached Shirt

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2021.10.17 08:33 Poaime My phone hates arc note

I have been playing arcaea for about a month now and my phone hates arc notes, especially those up and down arc notes, it's ruining my experience a lot. I use Redmi Note 9s, some people said that the phone isn't for rhythm game (can confirm) but i want know if anyone have a solution. Thanks!
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2021.10.17 08:33 Environmental_Fox_17 Sorry

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2021.10.17 08:33 mostly_charlie First pic: main story outfit. Second pic: LotFB outfit.

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2021.10.17 08:33 captchasaysimhuman S.A.L., the omnic cattle rancher with a mean lasso!

Wish I had a concept pic, but I don't. Not an artistic bone in my body. Also I dunno if I just went super overboard on this or if this is normal for this sub, haven't spent much time here.
Name: S.A.L.
Role: Support
Health: 200 | 150 health, 50 shield (because she's an omnic)
Background: Has connections to McCree and Ashe and the Deadlock gang, she is an omnic cattle rancher from the Midwestern USA. S.A.L. has a romantic history with B.O.B. and would have some great pre-match dialogues with Ashe and McCree.
Primary Fire:
Horseshoe toss. Throws a big old horseshoe frisbee-style. Ignores all armor damage reduction effects. It damages each enemy it passes through, losing 10 damage per enemy damaged. Ignores enemy shields.
Type: Projectile
Projectile: 60 meters per second
Damage: 65 (no headshots, and ignores damage reduction effect from armor)
Rate of fire: .7 second recovery time (.9 second recovery time if used while holding an active teammate lasso)
Ammo: 6
Reload: 2.15 seconds
Ability 1 >! Lifeline:!< At close range, ties a lasso onto a teammate, ignoring walls like Ball's Grapple and staying attached to teammate despite loss of LOS unlike Mercy or Zen. Teammate receives healing while attached to the lasso; a lassoed teammate also received a 50% of any healing done to S.A.L. while she is holding an active lasso to a teammate who has received damage. This effect works even if S.A.L. is at full health, as long as the lassoed teammate has sustained damage to be healed. While attached to the lasso, the teammate gains an Interact option to be instantly pulled back to S.A.L., similar to Sym's teleport. When you pull a teammate back in, both teammate and S.A.L. get a burst of healing, different values for S.A.L. and teammate. This is S.A.L.'s self-heal ability.
Cast range: 3 meters (must be close range to initiate, lasso range expands after that.)
S.A.L. AoE healing while lasso is attached: 10 hp per second in an 6.5 meter radius for other teammates, 20 hp per second self-healing.
Healing to lassoed teammate: 50 hp per second (should probably be similar to Mercy's healing output) + 50% of any healing done to S.A.L. by the other support, even if S.A.L. is at full health as long as the lassoed teammate is below full health. 80 hp of burst healing both to S.A.L. and the lassoed teammate when the lassoed teammate gets pulled back to S.A.L.
Max range: 30 meters (Lasso detaches when max range is exceeded, and goes on cooldown)
Enemy Interactions: If another ability connects with the lassoed teammate that would directly influence teammate's movement through a "pull" (Hog's Hook and Orisa's Pull for example), the lasso gets detached, but the Hook/Pull gets interrupted as well, and the opposing abilities go on cooldown (as if it was a tug-of-war and both ropes broke). Any CC "push" abilities such as Lucio/Ball boops work like normal on the lassoed teammate, but they don't cause lasso to detach so long as they don't get booped outside of maximum lasso range. If booped off of the edge, teammate can use Interact to be pulled back to solid ground and avoid a death.
Ability 2 Rope: This ability has different effects against an teammate, an enemy, and as an escape. No matter who the target is for Ability 2, the cooldown is shared across all of these.
On teammate: From afar, S.A.L. can toss her lasso in to snatch a teammate out of combat or from falling to their death, similarly to ability 1, but this form of the ability does not require a teammate to hit the Interact key and happens instantly upon connecting with the teammate. Does not work on a Fortified Orisa teammate. Does not work on teammates caught in a trap ability like Junk's traps or Zarya's grav.
(yes, I'm sure this ability would be abused by trolls in low-level Overwatch games, I still think it's an awesome mechanic!
Healing to snatched teammate 80 burst healing to both S.A.L. and teammate
On an enemy: Rather than pulling them in like Hook, hitting an enemy with Rope trips them, as long as they're walking. It can only interrupt a walking/running motion (because it tangles their legs), so while it would simply bounce off of Rein's Charge or a rolling Ball, it would trip up a rushing BOB, a sprinting Soldier, or I suppose maybe a skating/wallriding Lucio would make sense to get tripped up as well. And obviously it can trip any character while they are simply walking. It doesn't trip Zen or Sigma because they hover, a Mercy during Guardian Angel, a flying Pharah, a rolling Ball, a wraithing Reaper, etc.\
When you trip someone, it's exactly what it sounds like. They stumble and have a little "getting up" animation, slowing them down momentarily and opening them up to more easy damage from the team. This cancels the animation for any other abilities that the enemy was using when tripped. For example, you can trip Hog out of his self-heal. Obviously it's good for chasing down runners and interrupting certain things. Rope also deals 40 base dmg, multiplied by whatever the target's speed multiplier was when Rope connects.
(I know that it would be giving essentially CC to a support character which they don't want going forward, but the way it's designed it is a very mild CC and not as versatile as most other CC abilities. It's obviously meant to be used to rescue teammates, as that is the most resource-efficient option.)
Damage: 40 per second x the target's applied speed multiplier (the faster they are the harder they fall?)
Projectile Speed: 40 meters per second (exactly the same as Roadhog's Hook)
Max Range: 20 meters (exactly the same as Roadhog's Hook)
Cooldown: 10 seconds (2 seconds slower than Roadhog's Hook
Trip time: Character stumbles and spends 1.2 seconds getting back up and moving again.
As an escape: Rope can also be used like Widow's grappling hook as an escape option, but it shares a cooldown with the saving/tripping ability. The ability can be cancelled at any time so that if you miss tripping an enemy and snag the wall behind them, you aren't doomed to suddenly fly towards them. When looking up, Rope will seek out walls and ledges to grapple. When looking on ground level, will prefer to attach to a player rather than a wall.
Passive Abilities
Firm Grip: While S.A.L. has a lassoed teammate, she heals 10 hp per second in a 6.5 meter radius on teammates, and 20 hp per second to self.
Passthrough:When S.A.L. has an active lasso on a teammate, 50% of the healing that S.A.L. receives from her fellow support is passed along the lasso to the lassoed teammate. S.A.L.'s own self-healing passive ability does not feed into Passthrough healing.
Note: This combines with other AoE healing abilities to stack healing output percentages; for example, if S.A.L. and a lassoed teammate were both standing within Baptiste's AoE Regenerative Burst healing, the teammate would be healed 15 hp per second from Regen ( for 6 seconds) + 10 hp per second from S.A.L.'s own AoE passive effect + 50 hp per second to a lassoed teammate + 7.5 hp per second (for 6 seconds) from the S.A.L. being healed by Regen and passing 50% of the healing through to the lassoed teammate. For 6 seconds, that is a max healing of 82.5hp per second (for 6 seconds, down to 60 hp per second after Regenerative Burst wears off)
Ultimate Ability:
The Cows Come Home
Sends in a stampede of 30 fast-moving robot cattle traveling either in a straight line from where S.A.L. casts ultimate, or perpendicular to S.A.L., as she chooses (like Sym Wall or Mei Wall), in a line about as wide as Dragon, give or take a little bit. Anyone caught in the stampede gets knocked up into the air, lands, and does the same "getting up" animation as when S.A.L. trips them. The cattle each have 150 hp and only allow team damage through, soaking up all enemy damage. Meanwhile the support gets X# of rapid-fire horseshoes to throw at the enemy. The cattle can be destroyed, but grant no ult charge. They move at about 35 meters per second and you need to kill them fast in order to break through.
Enemy Interactions with Ult: If Orisa walks into the cattle with Fortify activate there is a special feature where the cows bounce off of her and going hurtling to all corners of the maps, to a chorus of mournful moos. They aren't influence by Zarya's grav. Hog can hook one in but that only displace the one cow and it freaks out and runs away.
What do you think? My first time writing anything like this down. I think I probably gave her a ridiculous amount of healing output, but that could easily be fixed by adjusting numbers. Maybe she should lose the passive AoE healing while lassoing a teammate. I think S.A.L. belongs in Overwatch!
P.S. Just imagine a S.A.L. spray with a cute lil' rural omnic cattle rancher riding a Junkrat Riptire!
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2021.10.17 08:33 Aar_v2004 Edouard Mendy Appreciation Post

Edouard Mendy Appreciation Post
He has just been phenomenal for the blues for the last year and was clearly pivotal in our champions league win. Clearly deserved at least a Ballon D'Or Nomination and again what a clinical performance against Brentford yesterday.
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2021.10.17 08:33 Mr_Renrub I got ghosted… now I’m wondering if I know how to be in healthy relationships

I’m a 30 year old guy who feels like he drives people away. I can be, while not wanting to be, very guarded and secretive. I think this stems from a childhood of being bullied by my family for no apparent reason. It was a common occurrence to be told by family that I was an embarrassment, had “the wrong personality”, was an asshole, a piece of shit.
I remember things like being told as a kid to list out loud the people that would come to my hypothetical funeral as a way of proving to me that no one will mourn my death and accused of “lying” when I would go to spend time with my friends because it was unbelievable that anyone would like me. It was hurtful and confusing. It felt like relationships were guessing games where I was always the loser. I became a loner.
Now, I work hard to connect with new people. I’ve noticed that when new relationships don’t go well or the way I would like them to, I blame myself. I think a good example of this is a girl I like that I have been talking to since March. When we first started talking, it was amazing how quickly we clicked. It surprised me. She eventually had less time for me as she got busier in her personal life.
When she started to get busy, I got nervous. A lot of people have ghosted me, so I fearfully, and baselessly, suspected she was trying to break contact. I never addressed these feeling with her, though. My response was to text her a lot; almost as if to remind her I still existed.
I was stuck in a pattern of wanting to talk to her but then worrying about giving her space or doing something wrong until I would convince myself to text anyway. Soon my texts grew longer, her’s shorter. This would continue until she suddenly blocked me just a couple days ago.
Friends have been telling me not to blame myself and that I did nothing wrong. But shouldn’t I blame myself? I feel like I drove her away. I genuinely really liked, even loved, her, but I feel was stuck in my head, never including her. I also feel like this relationship was burdened by my slowly obsessing over her without paying enough attention to her as an actual person. I feel like I ruined things.
Dr. K, how can I have healthy relationships with myself and others going forward? Why do I become guarded and obsessive in relationships? How do I deal with my surprise when women like me back?
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