the chair somewhat looks like an electric chair

2021.10.17 08:47 O5-14-none_existant the chair somewhat looks like an electric chair

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2021.10.17 08:47 JustViolet12_7_2_20 how many gallons in (usa) plastic storage totes?

I'm thinking of building a sump after we move. Does anyone know how many gallons are in an average plastic storage tote?
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2021.10.17 08:47 gstan003 Crafting Question concerning perks

I'm approaching 200 armoring and unsure what the best approach to crafting gear is. For reference I am a life staff user. Am I better off applying Focus and hoping for good perks (I rarely get useful perks). Or am I better off attaching a rare/costly useful perk item and then just hoping to get focus? For example if I put "blessed" onto an armor are the chances for it to have Focus higher or is it still complete RNG? Also soes the higher level focus items give me better chances to get higher level perks? (I have multiple items that all add focus when crafting) Crafting countless pieces of armor using legendary mats hoping for decent perks sounds beyond painful.
Thanks and apologies if I didn't explain anything properly.
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2021.10.17 08:47 Career_deprived Lets piece out the doggona

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2021.10.17 08:47 _Negative__Zero_ Beat Metroid dread for the first time! What a fun game 😁

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2021.10.17 08:47 jingks_ Can we talk about loneliness?

I’ve cut out a lot of pickme friends because my tolerance dropped to zero after a while. My BFF is amazing but she lives in another state and has two babies so we don’t talk too often these days. And I have a wonderful HVM husband whom I love spending time with, but it’s not the same as having a close girlfriend. I’ve been looking for more HVW friends but as we know they’re rare, and building genuine friendships takes time.
I have to remind myself that being somewhat lonely is not a reflection on me or indicative of a some deep personality flaw, despite what the scrotes would like me to internalize. I consciously made the choice to prune my social group and maintain quality over quantity, and I’d make the same choice again in a heartbeat.
But I’m still a social creature and sometimes I wish I could grab a coffee or chat about a dumb Netflix show or get a pedicure with a girlfriend. I wish I had a “tribe” of “sisters” I could have Sex-and-the-City-esque dish sessions with.
I guess I just wanted to make this post to:
A.) Normalize the feeling of wanting to belong, and feeling like something is wrong with us because we’re not surrounded by ride-or-die gal pals.
B.) Offer reassurance that having lonely feelings does not mean you are destined to become a miserable cat hoarder the way scrotes desperately want us to be. It just means we’re careful about who we let into our inner circle, and that’s healthy. Keep looking, but never lower your standards.
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2021.10.17 08:47 lilithpearl Books similar to “The Little Prince”?

I was wondering if anyone knows any books that are similar to “The Little Prince”— particularly the ‘living on a desolate planet’ aspect? Thanks so much!
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2021.10.17 08:47 VargFunnyHa I just wrote another poem, this one is a bit darker than the last poem, it's called "Pain And Satisfaction" I hope you all enjoy!

It's so sick How you tear into your flesh You like it, don't you? Seeing your blood coat the knife You get a kick out of it, don't you? When you lose consciousness and ascend
You'd wake up eventually Wake up to the same old shit as usual Maybe one day you won't wake up Maybe one day you'll ascend for good And when that happens, will you be satisfied?
It's almost sexual How your heart slows to a stop You won't stop, will you? This erotic pain You'll keep doing it, won't you? Until you finally ascend for good.
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2021.10.17 08:47 OnlyfansMegaGuy Dm for full mega

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2021.10.17 08:47 mikebyrne316 Help needed with WP All Import

Hi guys I am currently using the Pro Version of WP All Import plugin on my online paint store.
I am trying to import a CSV file/Excel file that contains colour data to an existing attribute.
For example my store is a paint store and one of attributes for a product is 'Pantone Colours'. It would take forever for me to manually input each colour name and it's HEX to display as variations on the product page.
I have an Excel file with columns containing 'Colour name' and 'hex code'.
Could anyone let me know a way I can import this file to populate the Pantone Colour attribute with this data?
I have tried but I'm not sure I have set up the file in the correct way / set up WP All Import correctly.
Many thanks in advance Michael
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2021.10.17 08:47 CattyB051 Lil Hissing Cats NFT - Are you a cat-lover? Drop Soon!

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2021.10.17 08:47 HabsburgHohenstaufen Japanese figure skaters win Olympic test event in Beijing

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2021.10.17 08:47 NKenn616 Mike Williams this week?

Didn’t practice all week with a swollen knee, but expected to play. Probably isn’t 100%, but still an easy start. Any concerns about him being limited?
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2021.10.17 08:47 pessi-what Hiring a nutritionist for help w/meal planning?

My boyfriend and I keep trying to eat better and can’t seem to come up with plans that don’t feel restrictive or confusing.
How does one consult a nutritionist? Do you hire them? Does it have to be through our insurance (our policies suck and it’s hard to get appts in general right now)? When you do hire one, how often do you meet? Any insight into this would be so appreciated!
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2021.10.17 08:47 Group_Similar 😅

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2021.10.17 08:47 Itterashai XPS 15 9150 SSD upgrade question

Hi, I want to upgrade the SSD on my 9510 (when it arrives) but all I'm reading on this subject says that I need a heatsink for the second slot (which is confusingly called SSD1?), however, I am having a hard time sourcing that in Switzerland, so I want to know if it is possible to just replace the SSD that came with the laptop with another one (and use the heatsink that supposedly comes with that).

The SSD in question will be the Samsung 980 Pro. Hope someone else can clarify this point as I haven't seen this asked before and can't find an answer to this. Thanks!
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2021.10.17 08:47 Over_Break_6437 [SELL COINS PS4/PS5] 6.5$ per 100K With Crypto , tether , Dai , ...

Hi , If you buy FIFA 22 Coins safe and cheap on PS4 or PS5 you can text me on
Whatsap : +989365107360 Telegram : @dontmekill20
Min for order : 100k
Max for order : 15 milion coins
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2021.10.17 08:47 joemiller2424 Did you know the 1989 Montreal Protocol sought to put an end to ozone depletion?

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2021.10.17 08:47 sarahdib Item in transit for FIVE MONTHS

Anybody had a similar experience? This is an international delivery from US to Brazil and the status hasn't changed for five freaking months. It is a very important package. Can I be 100% sure it is never going to arrive?
This sucks because I can't even file a complaint – USPS says "Inquiries are not accepted for the service purchased to mail this item."
I'm really clueless here, this is my first time posting on this subreddit, apologies in advance if I did something wrong! Anyways I'd appreciate ANY kind of input you guys might have!
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2021.10.17 08:47 bobmguthrie Me as a teen next to the M4A4 Sherman Tank "Jeanne d'Arc", lost during the liberation of Marseille, specifically trying to dislodge the last German-held position, Marseille's Notre-Dame de la Garde (more info in comments)

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2021.10.17 08:47 Reveal-Smart got this paint chip today, will it get bigger? what should I do to fix it? I live in a high altitude place with dry and wet seasons so there's no snow or salt.

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2021.10.17 08:47 Hardyz1000 shes been distant all month and havent heard back in 3 days

im beginning to worry especially because we speak everyday, even on days we dont speak she still checks in. me and my girlfriend both own a business seperately obviously and we both are university students. Shes my best friend before i asked her to be my girlfriend. we have had a rocky relationship as bf and gf and she has broken it off multiple times and came back to ask me to be her girlfriend. she grew up with a bi polar mother and had a rough childhood, she was in housing shelters and abandoned by her abusive father so i know to be patient with her sometimes she becomes very distant. she was getting treatment for bipolar disorder however she denies she has it however some weeks shes so clingy and others shes distant. shes said she wanted some space which i gave her i then didnt hear back from her for a few days and checked up and we started talking again. she rarely ever answers calls and our only form of communication is text on discord now. She changed her number without telling me, she gave me a fake address and lied about her last name to me, which led to a break up however we got back together i forgave her and we our back together. this month she left her mothers home and entered a housing shelter again she does however have internet connection. she told me she needs some time for herself and will check in still. the last 3 days i have not heard back, i actually made her a video of our memories and anniversary. im beginning to hink im being ghosted which im scared of, my friend hasnt heard from her for a 2 weeks too. how do i stop checking my phone waiting for a text back and im scared ill never get one. what should i do.
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2021.10.17 08:47 Viltrum21 Come check out my latest nfts. I make 1/1 original artworks. Will br working on making them more often so i appreciate your time

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2021.10.17 08:47 Downtown-Doctor Subhash Ghai - The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood

I keep reading bits and pieces about Ghai being an absolute jerk and one of the biggest supporter of casting couch in BW. Please drop in whatever gossip you have about this in this post. Also why hasn't any actress come out against him now that he and his production firm is bankrupt? The likes of Madhuri and Aishwarya are also involved it seems.
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2021.10.17 08:47 nut_conspiracy_nut Tucker: Why is the Biden regime hurting normal people?

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