TIL “The Last Duel” cost $200 million to make

2021.10.17 08:38 harvardlawii TIL “The Last Duel” cost $200 million to make

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2021.10.17 08:38 TheHigherCalling2 Luis Manuel was the son of Marcos whistle blower Primitivo Mijares (author of the landmark “The Conjugal Dictatorship”) and Manila Judge Priscilla Mijares. 16 years old, Boyet–as he was fondly known–just finished third year High School at Lourdes School Quezon City.

Luis Manuel was the son of Marcos whistle blower Primitivo Mijares (author of the landmark “The Conjugal Dictatorship”) and Manila Judge Priscilla Mijares. 16 years old, Boyet–as he was fondly known–just finished third year High School at Lourdes School Quezon City. submitted by TheHigherCalling2 to Philippines [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 08:38 pandalace123 So where are the mileage points for our remaining sonic and tails soulstones?

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2021.10.17 08:38 d1amiri Who’s a video game character you think would make a good parent?

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2021.10.17 08:38 Mahi644 Token Tanks is a multiplayer tank battle game, where your tanks are also your real asset

Token Tanks goal is to combine an immersive yet simple gaming experience and with blockchain technology — NFTs. We have a mobile first focus so that Token Tanks is available to play for anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
Our initial collection will feature 10,000 first generation tanks in a pre-sale mint event to exclusive early community members and esteemed gaming partners. Each Tank is unique and each tank is equipped with two different weapon packs containing five class specific attacks that will distinguish performance mechanics that will help Gunners defeat their opponents.
The initial mint will take place mid September 2021, for more on this be sure to follow our official announcements posted on Discord and our Twitter accounts.
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2021.10.17 08:38 TLateigne I made another book, using Krita and Scribus. English translation coming as soon as possible.

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2021.10.17 08:38 Angelicful 20F

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2021.10.17 08:38 user947382 i’m going to break your heart

i’m sorry. i’ve never loved you. i should have stopped seeing you before i let you grow so close to me. i won’t miss you. i’ll miss the attention you gave me.
i’m so fucking broken. i’m so lonely. i’m sorry i did this to you. how do i tell you that i don’t want you in my life anymore?
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2021.10.17 08:38 Responsible_Carry676 POKEMON UNITE GAMEPLAY VIDEOS.

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2021.10.17 08:38 themajesticc1 Cookie monster loves snuggling on the couch!

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2021.10.17 08:38 cheryst What are some characteristics of people that try to be God?

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2021.10.17 08:38 tejas1020 Hey you Unemployed Person! Go and Visit here

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2021.10.17 08:38 gamerflapjack ninja paragon

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2021.10.17 08:38 nacholibre77 What are reasons a 20 year old guy would ghost an 27 year old woman he claims to find attractive?

We've been friends for months. He flirted with me, complimented my appearance and character, showed up to events I invited him to, showed tension when I mentioned another guy friend, and then suddenly ignored my texts and stopped calling. I flirted with him back and kept inviting him to things. I invited him to hangout with me, just me, once, like a date. He never asked for a date in return, though he did say he had a great time. We were never intimate. He mentioned his female friends to me before, about one childhood friend in particular who he bought a sruffed toy for her brithday. That was mentioned to me on our date. On our last talk, I told him that he was more conservative than my other guy friends. I told him that the other guy friends would suggest coming over to my place, and that he was more respectful than them. He laughed and said that they were ruining it for most guys and that they were probably just "trying to get in your pants." I said "Yeah. I don't want to do anything crazy with a guy, even though I live on my own now." In that same call, he said I look good and he likes how I look. He said he feels like he can talk to me about anything, that I'm trustworthy. That was the last convo we had on the phone, a call that I initiated. He stopped initiating calls and he ignored my last texts inviting him to hangout. His last text said "see you next time." It was an indefinite text, he used to say he would see me for sure. After his "see you next time" text, I decided to send another text to invite him to an upcoming hangout, he ignored it and its been several days. Did he think he's probably not gonna get to sleep with me? He's what most girls consider hot.
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2021.10.17 08:38 Not_pukicho Woo! The hoodies are BACK

Since people were requesting, the boys are BACK. I made a post on here and accidentally removed it because I'm an idiot, but I promised I'd announce it on here when next the campaign was available. Anywho!
Tax evasion
Eat the rich
Buy one to instantly die <3
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2021.10.17 08:38 Variation1 Trying CSGO in 2021

Hi I was wondering if its worth it to grind CSGO in 2021?? And was wondering what is the most efficient way to “catch up” on the curve since I did have a 200 hours years ago and was silver-nova rank back then.
It was not until I played valorant that I understood the importance of crosshair placement and positioning (I have roughly 3000 hours on valorant because of the pandemic)
Reason why I mentioned valorant is contrast to CSGO is that even tho I have ~3000 hours on it I find the game logic is kinda stupid sometimes (abilities and agents from different dimensions but still needs a gun to kill people lmao), then it dawned on me to try CSGO again but I am hesitant to because of my experience of the cheaters on MM, its like 9 out of 10 games theres always a cheater either on my team or the enemy team, sometimes even both
I’ve watched WarOwl videos before as well before valorant even existed so I think I still know a few things about CSGO. Also I see faceit is a goodway to have a better competitive experience, but is there a dm server that have 128 tick servers too?
Any tips to improve fast and catch up to the veterans of this game is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
TLDR; Wonderin if I should grind csgo competitively since I find valorant’s logic ridiculous sometimes even if I have ~3000 hours on it xd
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2021.10.17 08:38 Cinderace1 What is your experience with two friends who met each other through you‚ only to snub you out of the group after ?

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2021.10.17 08:38 hotcheesepizza Drake the type to prance about for a golden ticket

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2021.10.17 08:38 ZoolShop 17 US missionaries, including children, kidnapped in Haiti | News

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2021.10.17 08:38 AlrightyThen9955 Gratuitous Scenes in Film/TV

Not sure if porn addiction related but is it just me or does anyone else feel real uncomfortable and awkward watching gratuitous sex scenes in movies or TV shows? Like if it’s part of the plot or the characters arc I’m totally fine, but if it’s just there to shock or for no reason other than “ooo look hot sexy action”, I feel very off. I almost want to say jealousy or longing but I’m not sure why, particularly when the scenes are just meaningless. It can take me a while to get over the feeling and distract myself.
Am I just weird or does anyone else get this feeling?
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2021.10.17 08:38 lawnmower_666 we are invisible

"I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids--and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me."
—Ralph Ellison, The Invisble Man
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2021.10.17 08:38 Twinklesuperpalm Schwules Museum Berlin Queer Arcade

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2021.10.17 08:38 Twin60 Good morning :)

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2021.10.17 08:38 APhan_ Who did you regret benching in last nights games?

A few of you are unlucky like me and didn’t have the option to decide due to injuries. However, for most of you, what players saw you place them on your bench and in spite decided to go off?
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2021.10.17 08:38 nooMehTrednUedalBts1 Task Failed Successfully

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